MBD: Imperial Bird’s Nest Mask

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I recently had three microneedling treatments from a local medical spa done. The first was just a plain microneedling treatment (with no growth factors or PRP applied afterward) and the remaining two were with PRP (platelet rich plasma). I noticed that my skin did not react well with the PRP. I noticed some fine lines appearing the first time but I wasn’t too sure that the microneedling was to blame as it is supposed to cause collagen growth — not more wrinkles with the skin. After my second one, it was undeniable. I was left with more fine lines under my eyes and on my cheeks. Also with more orange peel skin texture.

My skin felt completely dehydrated and looked it. So, sheet masks really aren’t an occasional luxury for me. I use them every day because they are the *only* thing so far that has helped alleviate the excessive dryness, minimize the orange peel texture of my skin, and reduce the appearance of the fine lines. The price of the masks can add up if you’re using them once or even twice a day!

Luckily for me, I decided to try out My Beauty Diary’s Imperial Bird’s Nest Mask. Target.com actually carries the brand now where you can get a box of 10 masks for $12.99 — this is the cheapest sheet mask that I’ve used at $1.29 per mask yet it’s been the most effective at hydrating and plumping up my skin. I was completely amazed by the way my skin looked. Do I still have the issues with my skin? Yes. However, a noticeable improvement means quite a bit to me.

Other masks I’ve tried (They are all good! SK-II produces a wonderful glow, Tatcha’s mask hydrates for days on afterward and Manefit’s mask does a great job plumping the skin as well):

What is your favorite sheet mask?




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